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Welcome to my Website!

Stephanie Kornfeld Unlimited: Abstract Art and Poetry connects my personal philosophy and the elements through which I interact with the world.  Colorful, captivating displays blended with powerful verse and poetic forms highlight my artistic presentations.  You can view my artwork in the online gallery or customize your own items with your favorite paintings on my Cafepress page at http://www.cafepress.com/stephku


If I'm having any art parties, open studio, or other events coming up, they'll be listed in the Exhibits section. Please check it out!

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My visual and poetic abstractions represent flows of feeling and emotions tied with a tactile sense of viewing and understanding.  Spatial problem-solving and dancing connects my work; moving through and understanding space with intrinsic freedom and readable beauty.  Each piece is unique and brings distinctive color, definition and character to any space.

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Find out more about my artwork, upcoming exhibits, art parties and other events at Stephanie Kornfeld Unlimited: Abstract Art and Poetry in Boston, MA.  In addition to exceptional visual arts, I also provide in animal care and merchandise services.  Contact me for more information on any prints, animal care or personal shopping and visit my Cafepress page for specialized artwork.  

I love to work and play in simultaneous ways. Please be in touch if you see something you like.