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Personal Shopper &
Wardrobe Consultant


Some people love to shop; some people don't. Some people enjoy shopping with another person, while others prefer to go it alone.

Not only do I love to shop, but with 30 years working in retail (and 20 of those in management) I understand how stores are set up, how and when the inventory flows through them, and when to go for the best deals.

Currently I work as an Assistant Manager at Cambridgewear in Acton, MA. You can find me there most days working with customers, checking in inventory, and making displays. There we specialize in giving our clients a high level of service by matching the best styles to each woman's physique, personality, and wardrobe. I know our inventory well — how each vendor tailors their clothes and what our selection is during each season, for every type of occasion.

Some customers appreciate extra assistance. They might simply need help establishing a comfortable, flexible wardrobe, or in finding the right fit. Or there might be an event coming up that requires one special outfit, or a few. Then there are customers who just don't have the time or energy for shopping.

Here's how my personal shopping services can help.

I can come to your home and help you to evaluate your wardrobe: what fits, what doesn't, what's still useful and attractive. I can help you plan what you need. I can suggest which places will most likely have what will suit you best. I can do the shopping either for you or with you.

My initial consultation is free. This meeting would take 30 minutes to an hour. Let's talk about what you would like to do and how I might be of assistance. After that, my rate is $30 per hour. You set the budget: how much time you want me to spend and how much you can afford for the clothing itself. Ideally you will end up saving money in the long run, because your own time is well spent and you won't be wasting money on clothes you don't wear.

When you look at your wardrobe, you should be happy with your choices, and confident that you can dress for all the occasions of your life. I'd be so pleased to help you get there.

You can reach me at sk@stephku.com.